"Inventive, adventurous, brilliant―dryly witty but often moving―Molly Reid, with this collection, confirms her great early promise, and emerges as one of the rising stars of the American story, long and short."
―James Wood, author of How Fiction Works


the rapture index: a suburban bestiary

Short story collection published by BOA Editions in May 2019

Loosely based on the medieval bestiary, The Rapture Index examines the relationship between animals, humans, and storytelling. Harnessing the bestiary’s combination of religious parable, encyclopedia, and artifice, Molly Reid journeys deep into suburbia to reveal characters struggling to navigate desire and responsibility, instinct and morality. Filled with moments of curiosity, misunderstanding, fervor, and heart, these stories offer a new twist on familiar landscapes as they explore what happens when we try to deny our own animal nature.

Early Reviews:

The Rapture Index takes us on a journey of bestiary tales, but above all else, this book is a cataloguing of the human heart―the sexual, intimate, edgy, unspoken world of our animal selves. Told with true voice and talent, these stories do what art should do, which is to show us our humanity with renewed clarity and insight. Brilliantly written, this collection roars with passion and warmth." 
―Laura Pritchett, author of Stars Go Blue, winner of the PEN USA Award for Fiction

“Molly Reid’s elegantly rabid stories depict the thrill and menace that lie just beneath the surface of what we call normal life. This collection feels dangerous and urgent and alive.”
―Chris Bachelder, author of The Throwback Special, finalist for the National Book Award

“Molly Reid’s suburbs are akin to those of David Lynch or David Byrne―savvy, uncanny, and hissing with portent. Beneath each piece’s calm exterior lies the potential for humor, apocalypse, and animal violence. I tore through these quick and fresh stories, marveling at their imaginative scope and narrative command."
―Elena Passarello, author of Animals Strike Curious Poses

“How to describe the work of Molly Reid? Throw Aimee Bender and Donald Barthelme in a blender with Rick Bass, and you're almost there. But Reid sounds like no one so much as herself. She is an original voice, her debut startling and smart and assured. From whales to bees, dogs to alligators, this menagerie surprises, delights, and haunts with a force you won't soon forget."
―David James Poissant, author of The Heaven of Animals

“The real beasts in these magical stories are, of course, humans: creatures of lust and cruelty, deception and selfishness. But Reid, to her great credit, doesn't resort to cynicism. In the collection's strongest stories ("The Permutations of A," "Adventures in Wildlife," and "The Rapture Index"), Reid reveals a talent for discovering the humanity of her flawed human characters.”


“Thought-provoking, unthinkable, and fun, Reid’s debut is perfect for fans of David Lynch, Alissa Nutting, and George Saunders.”